Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From Monthly ENTAME April Edition (Translated Interview)

Center-promoted new star Tashima Meru Interview

General Producer Akimoto Yasushi-san praised 2nd gen Tashima Meru as “the 2nd Matsui Jurina”. What is the mental state of the 13 year old girl who was given the important role of center, a role that isn’t usually associated with research students?

What Meru, who loves reading, has to say! “HKT48 is a novella”

----Let’s talk about going from research student to center!

Meru: A lot of people ask me “What’s it like to be center?”. But I wonder if it’s really okay to answer that. I’m just full of anxiety…

----You’re doing it so splendidly, it doesn’t seem like you’re that worried.

Meru: I’m actually quite anxious. But over time, I’ve started to want to think more thankfully. For now, in order to present myself to everyone honestly, I’ve made up my mind to be “natural”.

----What kind of girl is the “natural” Meru-chan?

Meru: Hmm, I wonder? For starters, I really love to eat.
The foods I like are mont blanc, melon bread, strawberries… there’s too many to count.
I want you to know I’m “Meru the Glutton” (lol). When I’m eating is the happiest time for me (lol). Often when the members are eating sweets or lunches, I’ll sneak some of their food and they’ll get angry at me, but…
Lately I’ve been able to properly stop talking before eating (lol)!
Oh, and since I turned 13 years old, and started using Google+, posting there has been really fun. I update about various things every day so everyone can get to know Tashima Meru better and better, and everyone’s comments help recharge my energy.

----What kind of comments make you happy?

Meru: Since I’m a girl, when people say “you’re cute” makes me happy, of course…
And then people’s thoughts about performances, “do your best”, “I’m cheering for you”, words like that always cheer me up. They make me happy, and before I know it I’ll have read however many comments. ♪

----You’ve begun to participate in the handshake events as well, but what kinds of things do you want to talk about with the fans?

Meru: Hmm. Since meeting the fans directly, being able to see their faces and talk to them makes me really happy, I guess I don’t mind whatever we talk about?

----I’ve heard your hobby is reading, but what kind of books do you like?

Meru: I like when I can become the protagonist, and completely get absorbed in the story.
As for authors, I like Asano Atsuko-san!
I have no idea what will happen in the unique worlds Asano-san creates, so her works are really exciting.

----Are there any works you would reccommend?

Meru: “Akane iro no kaze” was interesting. And then I like novellas (anthologies).
You can read a lot of different author’s works in them, and discover interesting authors.

----HKT48 is the same?

Meru: Ah, they might be very alike! Since each and every HKT48 member is overflowing with personality, like a novella.
If someone comes to know even one member, then through that, they may come to be interested in the other members too.
Because they’re both interesting like that, I think HKT and novellas have something in common.

----Well then, center is the title position of the book, right?

Meru: That’s some pressure (lol). Of course. I think center is a principal role.
Taking advantage of the CD debut, I’ll do my best to get more people interested in HKT48!

----Lastly, is there any senior member you look up to?

Meru: Ooshima Yuuko-san! I’ve always admired her. I want to be able to be an actress and a singer like her.


Originally translated by Silenka
added some journalistic editing

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