Friday, August 23, 2013

HKT48 Team H New Setlist

Today (8/23) there is an announcement about a new stage of all team of AKB48 group. HKT48 Team H has been announced to show a new stage in December 22nd.


  1. Where I should contact the blogger? Please help me to vote this FB Fan Page:

    Please spread this information to all HKT48 Fans. Do you want to watch and understand all Meru's show right? So many people understand, make them eager to watch and see Meru. So we could make HKT48 and Meru more popular. Please support us m(_ _)m

  2. How?

    1. Enter the fan page.
    2. Like the fan page
    3. Message the fan page with HKT48, I Love HKT48, etc.