Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Translation : Gekkan AKB48 Group News 2013

Meru's Segment :
55th Place 13,246 votes (Preliminary 42nd)

Tashima Meru, 13 years old

HKT48 Research student

First time entering

"I want to accept each vote with a smile"

"Meru" was the center for HKT48's debut single "Suki! Suki! Skip!" In the instant she heard her name called, she was dazed, but that reaction quickly became tears of joy. "My mind went blank, and I wondered if I was dreaming." Even with 13,246 votes, she said with a thankful expression, "I want to accept each vote with a smile. Thank you for giving me confidence."

At the same time, just by being made the center of the debut single and being given such a chance, it was a situation full of pressure, as if to say "If there aren't any results from that..."

After her speech, and even after she returned to her place among the members, her tears didn't stop.

Translation credited to : Silenka

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