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Scanlation : AKB48 Oshare Sousenkyo 2013 "The Round Table between Sasshi, Lovetan, Meru and Mio

HKT48 Senpais and Kohais Round table

Learning the secrets of today's most vigorous group

HKT48, the youngest group, has been pulling a great effort lately. Tashima Meru and Tomonaga Mio--fresh 2nd generation members who were in the senbatsu for AKB48's 31st single--and Sashihara Rino and Ota Aika--the big sisters who came from AKB48--got all together for some girl talk! They'll report to us on the state of the usually busy backstage.

How is the tension in the backstage different between AKB48 and HKT48?

Sashihara: Before the sosenkyo, let's tell everyone about HKT's appeal. To that end, as round table president, I'll be presenting some nice topics!

Ota, Tashima, Tomonaga: All right!

Sashihara: OK, the first one is "Good things and bad things about HKT".

Tomonaga: We're fresh.

Ota: We're vigorous and have beautiful skin.

Tashima: We're young!

Sashihara: That's true. It's true that we're young and vigorous, and these are high points.

Ota: Because the fans like the young members, right? (laughs) They often say that we have rejuvenated, don't they?

Sashihara: They say it a lot! Maybe it's because we're soaking up the essence of youth. Also the tension at the backstage is different from AKB, and because they're always lively it's inevitable that we end up like that too.

Ota: Health starts with the mind, and it looks like youth starts with the mind too. With HKT, it doesn't matter how hard our schedule is, Murashige (Anna) is always saying "Mentaiko" or something. (laughs)

Sashihara: Right, right! (laughs) But I think you, Lovetan (Ota Aika), became more cheerful after joining HKT.

Ota: Because honestly I used to be troubled right? I think that I became more cheerful after joining too, now I have more positive thoughts. Meru and Mio, do you enjoy HKT?

Tashima, Tomonaga: (with a wide smile) We do!

Sashihara: Now, what do you think we should improve here?

Tashima: Hm, in the whole, the fact that we can't sense the mood?

Ota: That's true, isn't it? There are times when I notice that, but rather than warning about it directly, I maybe bring this mood about.

Sashihara: Your way is scarier than just saying it loudly, Lovetan... OK, let's change the mood. Meru and Mio, what senpais are you glad to have here?

Tomonaga: Murashige-san! I love her. Because she does her gags every time and everywhere, and promotes guigui without getting discouraged. I can't be assertive at all, so I respect that.

Tashima: Yeah, Murashige's guigui is really cool! I also enjoy Miyawaki (Sakura)-san's facial expressions and Matsuoka (Natsumi)-san's sexy aspect.

Sashihara: I see! Well, but you have two senpais in front of you now. You talked before about not being able to feel the mood, and I think this is one of those situations. (laughs)

Ota: I'm sure that's nothing.

Tomonaga: (abruptly) Isn't Lovetan-san so very interesting?

Sashihara, Ota, Tashima: (roaring laughter)

Sashihara: Mio-tan, what do you mean by that?

Tomonaga: I'm not interesting myself, so I like interesting people.

Ota: Thank you. (laughs) When you're living randomly, you naturally become interesting. (giggles)

Tashima: Lovetan-san and Sashihara-san, you two always take care of your kohais, and that's why I love you! I got an email from Lovetan saying "If there's anything worrying you, tell me about it". I felt happy.

Tomonaga: You're both kind, so I'm very happy that we got to be together for the senbatsu. Sashihara-san can do anything, can't she? Talking in public, making faces when taking pictures, I think that's very cool.

Sashihara: But it's just 2 patterns.

Tomonaga: I saw that there was a copy of Sashiko (Sashihara's 1st photobook) in the backstage and I was very surprised. Her face was like "Haaa", then it was "Haaa"...

Ota: It wasn't all "Haaa". (laughs)

Sashihara: Mio is so cute that it's fine to do it like this. (laughs) OK, next one is "Cute behavior from a kohai that only I know about". That would be Natsumikan (Tanaka Natsumi). She sent me an email, but I ended up forgetting to reply. Next time we met she said "Please don't ignore my email!". I asked her to send me something, even just a few words, because I was going to forget about it again. So that night, I got this from her: "Oi!", just that word. (laughs) Isn't that cute? Lovetan, what about you?

Ota: I guess mine is (Miyawaki) Sakura. That person is a pro (laughs), so before the performance starts she gives me a kiss on the cheek. She stirs our female emotions!

Sashihara: That's happened to me too! She's really cool.

Tashima: Right, right! Isn't there anything about us?

Sashihara: Meru is too much of a child. I feel like I haven't seen such a child in a long time.

Tashima: Eh?

Sashihara: Don't say "eh". (laughs) The other day Lovetan and I went to watch a 2nd generation performance, and Meru's expressions were skilled and cute. Mio as well was really cute in both her singing and dancing!

Ota: Yeah, we both ended up shouting “kawaii”, “kawaii”.

Sashihara: In Skirt, Hirari, Mio was in Acchan's (Maeda Atsuko) position, and at first she was just dancing, but the instant her part came and she started singing, ouch! The thing is, even though she was trying hard, her voice was flimsy. (laughs)

Tomonaga: It was bad in the beginning because I'm not a skilled singer, but lately I got serious about it and I've been giving my best!

Meru & Tomonaga, a duo with differing appearances

Sashihara: OK, “If you went out with other members, where would you go?”

Tashima: The park! Or an amusement park!!

Sashihara: You say that, Meru, but you probably hate haunted house rides, right?

Tashima: I absolutely hate them! Even when I'm staying at a hotel, I can't sleep alone because I'm afraid of ghosts. Mio always asks me why.

Tomonaga: I'm totally fine with ghosts, but I don't like haunted houses because people come to take you by surprise.

Sashihara: In terms of image, it looks as if Mio is the one that doesn't like it, doesn't it? She looks like a spoiled child, but sometimes she puts on a calm appearance!

Tomonaga: (giggles) I like being alone, and even when we're all together I prefer to be in the corner. The truth is I'm not good in group activities, but I like HKT from the bottom of my heart and I deal with it, and that's why I enjoy every day!

Ota: Nice talking! Mio tends to look gentle, but it would be nice if she showed different parts of herself. The person who is surprisingly steady, who is calm, that's individualism really.

Tomonaga: (giggles) That's true, there are these things that I think are different, so I want to show many different aspects of myself.

Sashihara: On the other hand, Meru looks like a steady top student type, but she also displays behaviors of a kid of her age. Isn't it, Meru-san?

Tashima: (with her mouth stuffed with fruit pieces) Huh?

Sashihara: Really, you're always eating something. (laughs) OK, next one. “If you were a boy, who would you want for girlfriend?” I would want Natsu to do what she wants with me. (laughs)

Tashima: I like small boys, so Motomura Aoi-san would be nice.

Ota: I would go with the captain (Anai Chihiro). Considering the fact that she's attentive, it would sure be nice. It looks like she would be a good wife!

Tomonaga: I would want Anai-san too, or the interesting and cute Lovetan-san.

Ota: That again? (laughs)

The sosenkyo is like a report card. It's an event that shows your evaluation.

Sashihara: So, up to now we haven't talked about the sosenkyo. This is the first sosenkyo since Lovetan and I came to HKT. Did you have doubts about your candidacy?

Ota: Right. Because I want to know how people see me after the transfer to HKT. I think that I couldn't decide to sign up if I didn't think seriously about it, so if I had stayed in AKB in that way, perhaps I wouldn't have applied and would have graduated.

Sashihara: When you put it like that, it's nice that you have transferred... I didn't have any doubts either. I've been a regular at the back row of the senbatsus, but I saw the chance to get into a position closer to center and be able to sing, that's why I signed up for the sosenkyo. Meru and Mio, why have you decided to do it?

Tashima: I really had doubts about it. But there are people granting me their support, and I thought I had the chance to stand on that dream stage that until last year I was watching on TV. But sure, if I go to that venue I'll feel very nervous.

Tomonaga: Me too, because I had just joined and my performance and talking skills weren't there yet. I wondered whether I should sign up under those conditions. But I thought that maybe it was a chance to grasp my dream with my hands.

Sashihara: The next topic is precisely this, “What advice about the sosenkyo can the senpais give to the kohais?”, but since this is the first year for you two, and both are still kenkyusei, rather than trying to rank by all means you'll enjoy it more if you leave it up to luck. Because when the feeling is too strong, the shock you feel when that doesn't come true is also strong. I think it's better not to care too much about ranking.

Ota: Yes, yes. I would give parts of this same advice, but you should value the feeling of wanting to rank while not having too much of a fighting spirit, right? It's good when you feel happy for ranking higher than you expected, and if it's lower you should think “I'll give my best next time”. It's a big deal the way you'll be moved when receiving this results now. Because you two have great expectations now, and because you may discover something new when you get this year's results.

Sashihara: And HKT itself is a group that still has much to do, right? What goals you two have?

Tashima: I'll be happy if I just can get people to put me on that stage.

Tomonaga: Since last year Sakura-san was the first in HKT to climb the stage, my goal is having the same rank!

Ota: But honestly, it's not the case for people to worry about us. The sosenkyo is like a report card. Because the fans will compare you between last year and this year and see in what ways you changed, then decide and cast their votes. Our evaluation is clearly shown.

Sashihara: Really, that's both frightening and enjoyable... Because in the sosenkyo, victory and defeat are individual. Because all HKT members are rivals! Be prepared!

Tashima, Tomonaga: Yes!

translation credited to DreamingPebbles

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