Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome all... and just who is Tashima Meru?

Greetings, as this is a relatively new blog dedicated to the relatively new "It" girl in the three letters + the number 48 fandom, I felt a proper welcome was due. 

If the blended wallpaper, updates, or site title weren't enough of clue; it can be said that the mission statement here is quite simple: to chronicle, display, and celebrate the idol life of Tashima Meru. 
This deceptively average thirteen year old has only been a name drop in the J-Idol world for a over a year but has already been making more ripples than most Idols can hope for in their whole career. Two years ago, she was just a normal elementary school girl who wanted to be a singer... so like most young girls in Japan
who want to make it in the music industry, she tried out for an group . At the time, Morning Musume was in the midst of finding their 10th generation, she auditioned and made it to the finals... and like so many others before her got cut. But her path to fame was not halted for long, the following year she auditioned for the second generation of the newest addition to the 48 family: HKT48. Needless to say, second time was the charm. Her audition did not only merely impress judges (Akimoto-san himself in particular) but whispers of a "second Matsui Jurina" buzzed 2ch and fan forums sparking curiosity (and pure horror) within many. She was immediately appointed center of her generation and have since lead the kenkyuusei stage shows along with other HKT second generation favorites: Tomonaga Mio and Fuchigami Mai. So it went on, HKT48 as a group passed it's first year mark, entering it's second and unlike their sister48 groups had not yet released a single. Their first original song would be a B-side on AKB48's 3rd Janken Tournament single (and 29th single overall), NMB48 and SKE48 also would do their own B-sides. No one knew what to expect as it was not yet certain what image and sound the group would have to distinguish it from their senpai. Centreship was a popular topic, favorite Kodama Haruka strongly held the position from the time of their debut but with a failure to rank at election and unlike other sister group centers, had yet to enter AKB48 senbatsu her role became uncertain. Other center favorite, Miyawaki Sakura was the sole HKT member to rank in election and subsequently was entered in AKB48 senbatsu for their 28th single "UZA" leading many to predict she would usurp Kodama from her position. However, when the senbatsu for their song titled "Hatsukoi Butterfly" was unveiled, it was neither Kodama or Sakuratan that stood in the prized position. The fore-front and lone center was a second generation kenkyuusei... Tashima Meru. Since then she has gone on to enter AKB48's Undergirls for their 30th single centering the song "waiting room" with rising star Kawaei Rina; center a Watanabe Mayu unit at AKB48's Unit Matsuri; has appeared in various variety shows and Idol/Otaku magazines with HKT members; centered HKT48's debut single "Suki! Suki! Skip!"; and become part of Team BS (a team comprised of the 48 family's centers and most recognizable faces). Not too shabby for a kenkyuusei, eh? Yet more uncharted waters and challenges await Meru such as entrance into AKB48's regular senbatsu line up (she has been rumored to be a part of the massive summer single senbatsu), promotion to a team, increasing popularity among HKT wota, and perhaps most important: ranking in AKB48's 5th election single. The road to Idol stardom has just begun for Meru, her tale is far from over and in a world full of great rises and even greater falls the ending is anyone's guess (or wish). 

You may me call an observer of this ongoing tale or perhaps a frequent reader but I'd prefer if you just called me Sugar (though I guess Desire is fine too ;-) ) and I look forward to unveiling each chapter of this promising young Idol's story. 

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