Thursday, March 21, 2013


1st day sales : 205,278 copy
2nd day sales : 15,874 copy
3rd day sales : 8,034 copy
4th day sales : 5,969 copy
5th day sales : 5,249 copy
6th day sales : 2,449 copy
total : 242,853 copy

HKT48 debut single booming on their 1st day sales, it's reach 205,278 copy on that day. really a great start they have. for comparation NMB48's debut single just sold 131,654 on 1st day and exceed 200.000 copy on a week, great HKT48! they are exceed 200.000 copy in just 1st day sale!

Now! March 26th 2013, impressively HKT48's SUKI! SUKI! SKIP! is on the TOP of Oricon weekly single Ranking by touching 250,000 sales on a week! it is broke the NMB's record 218,000 sales on a week.

Meru, our group center look like very happy about it. This is Meru comment about this archivemet, "This tells us that many people recognized HKT48, so I am really happy. With all HKT48 members together, we would like to continue doing our best so that even more people would recognize us." (source:

Since we don't know exactly the number of sales, we can't  update it now.

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