Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 Election's Excitement!

2012 general election
May be for several of you make this discussion are too fast, but why not just discussing this topic early because this year election is very exciting. among 2012 to 2013 there are many case happened, and the most important is team shuffle and overseas transfer happened on beginning of Tokyo Dome Concert 2012 which shaking many fans around worldwide, agree? Also, rocketing our favorite group HKT48 who shake this oricon weekly chart.

OK, start analyzing the first case "Team Shuffle"
Did you realize for what this case can be happened on Tokyo Dome Concert? Many fans angry about this shuffle their oshimen was transferred from one group to another group likely by Yasushi Akimoto the Producer. It is likely there is something behind this Team Shuffle. May be this transfer is for searching the new ace of AKB to replace Acchan (Atsuko Maeda) place and it is in order that new member can learn a new thing from the senior. Many junior member or call them "The Future AKB" to Team A like Iwata Karen (Karen), Kawaei Rina (Ricchan), Yuka Tano (Tano-chan) and Oshima Ryoka (Ryoka) are in the Team A. They are very talented young member since Karen and Tano-chan are from 12th Generation, the Generation which many fans called them "Golden Generation of AKB", Ryoka and Ricchan has talent that can be abandoned surely. Back to the topic, so what this Team Shuffle make an impact to this year Election Event? Team 4 dispersal is main form of election impaction, many team 4 wota really shocked and disappointed with this decision. Unexpected move from team 4 wota is on result on Request Hour 2013 where they can make "Hashire! Penguin" to be the top of show! and now Paruru has been pushed so much by Yasushi Akimoto, she become center on team and of course winning janken taika which contain many controversial in fans' circle. This push is really enough for make Paruru be candidate on top of this year election. In other side, many hater come to paruru because of this push. Contra with Paruru, Mayuyu fans are not accept if their oshimen lost to Pushed Paruru and so with other girls fans may be.

Forward to second case "Overseas Transfer"
On Team shuffle during Tokyo Dome Concert, there are 4 member transferred to overseas sister group. They are Takajo Aki (Akicha) and Nakagawa Haruka (Harugon) are transferred to JKT48 (Jakarta, Indonesia) and Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya are transferred to SNH48 (Shanghai, China). How this transfer can impact the election? First Akicha, many akicha fans wan't to see akicha in Japan again so the one and the only way is to make Akicha have a good ranking on the election. Akicha fans are known as loyal fans to akicha. they are keep track and know how akicha does in Jakarta, just how care they are to their oshimen. Second is Sae-chan, just remember how Sae's fan can do in Request Hour 2013. They can make Sae's stage song "Kiseki wa Ma ni Awanai" become number 2 on RH ranking! great move and it was surprising.

Third case "Scandal"
Did everyone think that scandal surely make a member rank on election dropped? I'm not that sure, we have Rino Sashihara (Sasshi) and Minegishi Minami (Miichan). It's surely can't be apologized easily to make a scandal and surely many fans disappoint with their scandal. After hit by scandal, Sasshi was demoted from AKB to HKT but now Sasshi has a great future on HKT as we know. Sasshi like harvest variety show on HKT, she really did a great job on HKT's variety and now her popularity has increased with HKT48 as well which mean may be if she was left by previous fans she surely has many new fans from HKT. Sasshi's ranking on this year election are curiously. Like Sasshi, Miichan's scandal can't be apologized easily but her seriousness to apologizing with fans are really touching. Now, Miichan are on Kenkyuusei Team which mean she can't be seen as much as when she was on the Team. Now, how Miichan fans stand at attention to Miichan? Will they leaving her, or may be they will have a great move to prove their loyality to Miichan? Let see on this year election.

Forth case "Newcomer fans or Old Generation Fans"
AKB now have 15th generation, many generation right? This can be affected to this year election since come many talented new member to the group. Battle between loyalist old generation versus the newcomer fans are really great and must be watched.

Fifth case "Old Generation's Graduation"
We have heard about Kasai Tomomi graduation announcement and Itano Tomomi graduation, how did their fans do with this election? are they already find a new oshimen or will they leave this year election? It's really have an impact too for this year election. And mass graduation on SKE group too may be will impacting election too.

The last case "Coming of the New Group HKT48"
Let don't thinking because this is meru fansite so we will make high expectation for this case. Fact that HKT's debut single made a boom on its first day sales, it is a signal that this group was waited and many people have high expectation on this group. this group debut single  touching 200k copy on the first day sales. Thing which make this group different with other group is the power of this group average and didn't make a big gap between popular member and non-popular member. Not like SKE that WMatsui are too superior and NMB with its Sayanee Milky, HKT have average popularity. Many member popular beside Haruppi and Sakura as 1st gen ace, the other girls are not covered by their popularity. The group now have Sasshi, Meru, and Mio.

That all can be explained now, do you have another opinion about this year election? Can our Meru compete with this atmosphere of this year election? why not we preparing on to support Meru in this election? Come on all, support Meru on this year election as well as explained on this pages!

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