Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Magazine Translation : March

Meru's growing up!!

Even if a perfect performance is impossible, I can still give 120% of my strength!

As a baby... I've heard that I didn't have any serious diseases and was a healthy kid. The name “Meru” was chosen by my grandmother. “Mer” means “sea” in French, and she wanted me to have a heart as wide as the sea. It's unusual, isn't it? I have only seen it in the Meruchan doll. But I like this name. And people can remember it fast.

On kindergarten I was a tomboy. I was a very active kid who played tag with the boys and ran around outside. Later in kindergarten, during the activities, we would sing Sakuranbo by Otsuka Ai. That's when I started to love singing and thought of becoming a singer.

When I got into elementary school I changed a lot from kindergarten, and became that type of kid that spends a lot of time in the library. At first I liked picture books and such, but a primary school library also has difficult books for the 6th year students right? I liked them a lot, and reading these thick books suited me well. On my 5th and 6th years, during lunch break, I spent most of my time in the library. I still love books now, and I read everything from mystery to non-fiction. As for writers, I like Asano Atsuko. She has a detailed world and I can never guess where the story is going, so I'm always nervous when I read her.

However I was still a clumsy tomboy and I hurt myself a lot. Once while turning a hula-hoop in my left hand, I fell from my roller skates and cut my hand. I've had lessons in swimming and English. I have confidence in my pronunciation of English. But I can't remember any words (laughs).

My first love? I've never had that experience in my life. I don't remember ever being treated as a girl by a boy. I've never had someone confess their love for me, I've never confessed my love for someone, and I've never received a love letter (cries).

To tell the truth, I knew almost nothing of AKB48. When I applied for the HKT48 audition, all I thought was that there was a place in my hometown where I could sing and dance. I've wanted to be a singer since I was little but going to Tokyo was difficult because of school, but I did the auditions because they were in Hakata.

Becoming center so suddenly... Instead of feeling happy, I felt very insecure. But facing down is no good, so I'm going to face up and give my best. The truth is, when I'm on the stage and the music starts playing, I can forget about my insecurity and have fun. Maybe I can't make a perfect performance now, but I can give 120% of my energy to singing and dancing. That is why I'll keep on giving 120% of my strength.

Body Check


My hair is unruly, even if I curl it it stretches back again. A very stubborn stretch (laughs). I haven't changed my hairstyle in a long time, so I want to change it often from now on.


They're thick and robust. But I don't like them. I wanted my eyebrows to be girlie and cute. I haven't trimmed them yet.


Since they get thinner when I smile, I wonder if I can make that a charm point. My eyesight is not really bad, but during stages I wear contact lenses so I can see the fans' faces.


People often say that it's high. They say it looks like a foreigner's nose. I've been allergic to pollen since I was little.


The make-up lady said I had good teeth alignment and a nice mouth shape. It seems that my lips are easy to put lipstick on. That's why I like my mouth and teeth.


I don't really notice the shape of my ears but... since I don't have plump ears or something like that, I guess that's common right?


My muscles get stiff easy, so I always get a massage. During performances I enjoy meeting with fans so much that I always forget about it, but after I read a book it hurts a little.


I guess their size is normal. I think I have fat fingers. I don't take care of them or anything, so I wonder if they're in bad shape (laughs).


I wonder if they're not too fat for me. But I don't really care. My shoe size is 24.5 cm. My feet are very big.

Three Size

First of all, I don't really know what's basuto [bust], wesuto [waist] and hippu [hip]. Does hippu mean butt? I think a body like that of Oshima Yuko is pretty, but it's not like she's my ideal or anything. I don't really want my breasts to get larger... For my body, I think it's fine if they're small.


On April I measured 157 cm. But I think I'm growing a lot now. I look taller because my feet are big. But I think this height is fine for me. Being tall looks nice for someone with the beautiful features of Shinoda Mariko, but... I don't care about my weight at all. I eat what I want to eat (laughs).

credited to DreamingPebbles


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